OET Preparation For Doctors And Nurses

Published: 03rd January 2012
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OET - Occupational English Test

OET - Summarizing OET

OET is for medical professionals. OET is for all those who in health care sector. If you are looking for advancement in your health care career then it is indispensable that you should take Occupational English Test. OET is the test that which is conducted for medical professionals who are looking for growth in their career.

If you too would like to have a rewarding career then register yourself for OET exam. If you are the one who is willing to earn and practice in Australia then you are just one among many many such aspirants. Working in Australia as a health care professional can help you get a lot of benefit. You can earn more and you can stabilize your financial life your pretty well. Occupational English Test is required for only if you are a health professional.

To prove your proficiency in English Language you will have to take OET. Occupational English Test will help you gain a job in Australia in medicinal field.

The test is administered by OET center.


Regulatory Authorities of 12 Australian health professions.

In order to assess the fluency level in English Language the test is conducted. This test consists of four modules.

OET Modules:

OET Listening Module
OET Reading Module
OET Writing Module
OET Speaking Module

If you are taking OET test then it is required that you should score at least a grade B in all modules. In order to quality you need to be very much competent and very much attentive as the questions may sometimes baffle even good language speakers.

Time limit for the test?

Three Hours

How many times this test is conducted by the officials?

The test is conducted six times in different 40 locations.

Test Validity:

If you take the OET test then this test will be valid for only two years and within two years if you do not make use of your score then probably you will have to take the test again to get permission to work as a health professional in Australia.

Who shall take OET?

Dentists / Vets / Nurses / Radiographers / Dietitians / Pathologists / Pharmacists
Physiotherapists and all other related medical professionals.

AMC (Australian Medical Council) requirements:

The test taker will have to pass through the test in all modules. If you are not prepared well then naturally you will not have the chance to gain the benefits of OET.

OET Score:
If the OET test taker doesn't manage to get a good score then probably he / she is not going to have any benefit. It is advisable that you should take OET exam again if you fail to get score. Because of the medicinal organizations look for those who has a good OET score. If you are unable to achieve your purpose then it is waste of taking OET.
OET courses:
OET Course is designed specifically for the fulfillment of all OET requirements of the students who are going to take this test for their career enhancement. If you too are looking for OET courses then it is necessary that you should try to look for those who have years of experience in OET training. OET trainers can let you gain good score. OET is for one and all. OET for Nurses and OET for Doctors have become so very popular now. Most of the nurses look for career enhancement as a registered nurse in Australia. Many of the doctors know aspire to practice in Australia. OET English test is for just medical professionals.

There are many English schools in Australia. The best English School Australia can be the one where you can have the chance to learn OET at minimal prices. Study English in Australia only if you would like to

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